August 13, 2017

GraceTree Resolve

Our Resolve names the practices that form our common life, to which we commit ourselves when we enter into membership of the GraceTree family.

+  Modelling our community on the
life of the Trinity, we resolve together:  +

Having been named anew through baptism,
let our lives proclaim our vows.

Honouring the First Peoples of this land,
nurture all of God’s holy creation.

Know, love, and be formed in
the story of God’s faithful presence throughout history.

Embrace kenosis (self-emptying)
through prayerful stillness, simplicity, and service.

Offer generous hospitality at the table,
including even those who betray and deny,
and especially the lowly, vulnerable and suffering.

Speak truthfully,
even when it’s uncomfortable.

Shaped by Jesus’ perfect nonviolence,
confront and transform evil with love.

Create and appreciate
beauty and joy.

With humble awareness of our shadow,
be gracious to all, including ourselves.


(Simpler version)
+  Because God is a community of love, we want our life to be like this:  +

As God’s children,
let’s do our best to be like Jesus.

Honouring Aboriginal people,
take care of God’s earth.

Learn from the Bible about God
and God’s relationship with people.

Pray, live simply, and serve others.

Let people eat with you
and share what you have,
even if they don’t treat you well.

Speak truthfully,
even when it’s uncomfortable.

Change evil to good through love,
just like Jesus does.

Create and appreciate
beauty and joy.

Knowing we do the wrong thing,
forgive others and ourselves.